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9. Mowidec-TT



Centering of tool holders

New MOWIDEC-TT centering device develped by Wibemo to make your life easier

Suitable for many different applications and machine types like Swiss auto lathes, Transfer machines, Turning lathes, Machining centers, Milling machines, Multispindle machines etc...

Now available with accumulators offering more freedom without connection cable.

Discover now how to reduce your set-up time and save money.

Simple - Fast - Easy - Efficient - Accurate

Centering with reduced space between tools


Centering on guide bush side


1 Collets

2 Carbide Guide bushes

3 Bar loader accessories

4 Carbide brazed tools

5 Cutting tools

6 Tool Holders

7 Collet-chucks

8 Live Tool holders & Broaching

9 Mowidec-TT

10 Binoculars

11 Abrasives

12 Misc. tooling