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Wibemo SA, specialist of tooling for your Swiss auto lathes, propose you :

  •  A global service to equip your machines
  •  A bright range of Swiss marks and high quality products
  • Our know-how and long experience
  • Guarantee of real delivery times
  • 48 Hours service for re-grinding your collets (steel or carbide collets type F, W, B)
  • A young and dynamic staff
  • A modern production shop performing special tooling and also for custom made applications
  • R & D ready to study and develop your projects applications
  • Special tools
  • Custom made collets
  • New specific applications
  • New developments

Don't hesitate to contact us or submit your project.

Wibemo is dealing around the world through many distributors and partners.


1 Collets

2 Carbide Guide bushes

3 Bar loader accessories

4 Carbide brazed tools

5 Cutting tools

6 Tool Holders

7 Collet-chucks

8 Live Tool holders & Broaching

9 Mowidec-TT

10 Binoculars

11 Abrasives

12 Misc. tooling