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Specific services

Re-grinding, enlargement and XP quality

In case of necessity, we can grind your collets or enlarge some existing collet to deliver in a short time the collet with specific bore dimension that you need. Different types F, W, B et P made of steel or with carbide pads can be ground.

On demand, we produce or grind your collet in XP accuracy (max. 0.005 mm run-out) within 2-3 days.

Repair / modification

On demand we can also refresh your carbide collets or guiding bushes so long that it's still possible. Save some money and let your collets to be re-ground and polished with most care instead to buy a new one.

Extended nose collet available from stock

We hold a large quantity of differents collet types with extended nose in our stock.
Some usual Schaublin F type in steel but also our home made Extenso carbide bore collets are in our inventory with many different bore sizes. In emergency we still have the possibility to enlarge the bore and deliver it within a short time. Have a look in the catalogue under the corresponding chapter 1.

Special custom made executions

Send us your drawing or fill in the sketch available in our catalogue (chapter 1.12) and ask for your special collet made on demand only for you with our experience and recommandation.
Téléchargez les croquis et complétez les dimensions en fonction de vos besoins. Une offre vous sera remise sans engagement.