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Croco collets


Collet types F8/577, F10/86, F13/357, F15/580, F16/1076, F16/830, F20/201, F20/87, F25/64, F30/101, F32/221, F35/94, F37/740, F48/81

• Clamping range to 0.2 mm down
• Uniformly high precision throughout the clamping range
• Accepts variations on bar Ø
• Enables clamping of hex, square, threaded profiles, etc., without positioning
• Avoids marking the bar or part
• Uniform, high-force grip
• Avoids penetration of chips into the bore
• Ideal for medical screws, constant pressure on the thread even in case of variations of tolerance.
• Carbide bore on request.

Execution short or extended nose



1 Collets

2 Carbide Guide bushes

3 Bar loader accessories

4 Carbide brazed tools

5 Cutting tools

6 Tool Holders

7 Collet-chucks

8 Live Tool holders & Broaching

9 Mowidec-TT

10 Binoculars

11 Abrasives

12 Misc. tooling